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Monday, January 22, 2018
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God Saved My Life - My Testimony for Jesus

At 14-years-old, the very first time I prayed,
I met God. It was the best day of my entire life
and I want to share the short story about what occurred here.
God Bless!

Toby's Testimony

Toby tells of how faith in God
helped him overcome his addiction
to drugs and alcohol.
The Staci Stephens Story
"A Heart to Change"

I hated everyone.


Brian Welch - "Amazing Witness for God" - Must See

Korn - Brian (Head) Welch - Amazing Testimony & Witness for God. Korn's Founding Guitarist and vocalist Brian Welch Radically Saved. The power of God trumping Satan is realized and evident in this video when watching this video. I was saved before Korn rose to the top. I have always wanted to see a big time rockstar turn there life to God. Now I have. After listening to Brian Welchs love for God and radical transformation, how can anyone deny and not believe in Jesus? Brian mentions in one interview that Gods presence is better than any drug or show performance that he has ever done. This man is now a warrior for the Kingdom! If you never have felt the transforming power of Christ, watch/listen to this video and ask Jesus and receive His Awesome, life altering
Holy Spirit!
William's Testimony
Peace found at the Cross
  I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1957.
I was raised by my mother and stepfather,
along with two younger brothers and three sisters.
I was highly more.

Christian Story of Greg Outlaw, In the Red Chair

You have got to see this little short clip of Greg Outlaw's story –

after that make sure you see the whole thing.


Christian Testimony Video

 - Greg Outlaw -
You have got to hear this story of a man that was pronounced terminally ill and what happened after that!
You name it drugs, alcohol, sexual addiction, materialism, hedonism, and a lifestyle of debauchery -
- nothing can change a life like God can!



Watch, cry and be blessed.
We are all imperfect and in need of Grace!


Testimony: Crack & Heroin addict

free after 16years addiction

After spiking for 11 years,
I never thought I'd be able to be free of the consequences of using drugs,
but "Jesus set me free".
I'm saved from addiction.
He had mercy on me and He has abundant mercy for you too....

John's Story

John walked a difficult road,

this is his story...

about being found by God.




Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Thru the Bible

 John Vernon McGee was born in Hillsboro, Texas, in 1904. Dr. McGee remarked, "When I was born and the doctor gave me the customary whack, my mother said that I let out a yell that could be heard on all four borders of Texas!" His Creator well knew that he would need a powerful voice to deliver a powerful message.

After completing his education (including a Th.M. and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary), he and his wife came west, settling in Pasadena, California. Dr. McGee's greatest pastorate was at the historic Church of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles, where he served from 1949 to 1970.

He began teaching Thru the Bible in 1967. After retiring from the pastorate, he set up radio headquarters in Pasadena, and the radio ministry expanded rapidly. Listeners never seem to tire of Dr. McGee's unique brand of rubber-meets-the-road teaching, or his passion for teaching the whole Word of God.

On the morning of December 1, 1988, Dr. McGee fell asleep in his chair and quietly passed into the presence of his Savior.
A man who made a difference